S2e is fully back, no constraints

As of today we’re fully back in business. We will start our own developments again but we’ll also gladly work on the realization of your product ideas. Interested? please contact us via the contact page

Nightwalker LED shoes

The Nightwalker LED shoes, developed by Illumi with input from S2e, are finally about to launch. They will be shown at the LED applicatieplein in Den Bosch on December 3. Do not miss this.

Website structure rebuilt

The website is now fully up-to-date and all hyperlinks are working and have normal names.

Relauch of our website

The website has now been completely redesigned using Rapidweaver. Check back often for other updates as we continue to fill the site with more content

LVX track shown at applicatieplein

The LVX track spot, developed by MikeStoaneLighting, is shown at the applicatieplein at the LED event in Den Bosch. this spot is based on the MD24-700 LED driver developed by S2e.