Schermafbeelding 2015-08-31 om 18.53.22

As a customer special, s2e has developed a custom timer for aquarium LED lighting and a LED board with royal blue and cool white LEDs. The LED boards can be interlinked so the aquarium light can be made in virtually any length.
The product has many interesting features ideal for aquarium enthousiasts:

  • Built-in real time clock with backup feature
  • Standard 15 minute sunrise-sunset
  • Automatic adjustment to european daylight savings time/standard time
  • Moonlight levels calculation to calculate full moon and new moon phases.
The unit has been designed to mimic not only the daylight cycle but also the moonlight cycle as much as possible. Some corals require not only sufficient light during the daytime but also rely heavily on a moonlight cycle to maintain the best of health. The timer mimics these cycles automatically based on the built-in calendar. The battery back-up function ensures that even if the power fails for a prolonged period of time, the cycle will be restored as soon as the power is restored.