Project name
Luminaire manufacturer
Project realization
S2e contribution
The avenues

Mike Stoane lighting
Light collective UK
MU24-065c customized LED driver
custom power controller
firmware for MU24-065c microcontroller


The avenues is one of the largest shopping malls world wide. The request was to make a large starlight chandelier with slow fluctuations in the light level. Each chandelier has 700 light points and there are 4 chandeliers in close proximity of each other. Traditional control technologies would make this project very complex given the number of light points to be controlled from a central location. In the S2e version, each light point has its own built-in light pattern programmed into the MU24-065c LED driver and runs completely autonomous. By means of a simple control signal that is superimposed on the supply voltage each light point can be set to a different speed or at a fixed output level.

Prior to the actual installation in Kuwait, the demo has been shown at Light and building 2014 in Frankfurt at the Xicato stand in a very small version.

9389Sanna Fisher-Payne

Currently the installation can also be found at the entrance of the new Xicato HQ in San Jose, California.