Project name
Project realization
S2e contribution
Xicato PLD-C party

Madrid, Spain
Light collective UK
Luke smith-wightman
MU24-700 LED driver
firmware for MU24-700 microcontroller
Rechargeable li-ion battery pack 11,1V

pldc Madrid

The Xicato PLD-C party was based on al idea to have mobile lighting units that people could take with them. All LED light sources were put under a large helium-filled balloon. Each balloon would be kept at approx. 2.7m above ground by the rechargeable battery pack once attached. All units were fitted with a MU24-1000 LED driver, set at a low light level during the event itself. Once the event was finished, the LED driver would reprogram itself to set the module at full output so the LED module could also be used for test and evaluation purposes.
The event itself made the local lighting press (see our downloads section for the article, in Spanish)

The idea with helium based balloons was also used at the National Gallery in Singapore